Standardized management of micro low-speed electric vehicles

Standardized management of micro low-speed electric vehicles

According to the information released by China Internet Information Center, rural Internet users accounted for 28.4% of China's Internet users in 2015, reaching 195 million, with a growth rate twice that of cities and towns. It is expected that the scale of the national rural online shopping market is expected to reach 460 billion yuan in 2016, becoming a new growth point of e-commerce.


  With the increase of the proportion of rural Internet users, the development potential of rural online shopping market is huge, but the country has not built a logistics distribution system suitable for rural roads, which restricts the development of rural e-commerce. In this regard, Zhang Tianren, deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of Tianneng group, a Chinese power battery enterprise, suggested: license the standard micro low-speed electric vehicles and standardize and manage them. "Now there is a large demand for logistics distribution in rural areas. Electric vehicles, including electric bicycles, electric tricycles and micro low-speed electric vehicles, will become the best means of transportation for rural logistics distribution with the advantages of small volume, safety, convenience and low cost."


  Zhang Tianren believes that the state should appropriately liberalize relevant policies, include them in legal means of transportation, and allow them to drive on rural roads. "In the rural areas of China's economically underdeveloped areas, many infrastructure facilities are not perfect, and logistics transportation tools such as vans and trucks cannot directly reach each village. Using micro low-speed electric vehicles, electric tricycles and electric bicycles can reduce the cost of logistics enterprises and truly open up the 'last kilometer' of rural e-commerce logistics," Zhang Tianren said.

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