Tricycle marketing concept disclosure

With China's economy entering the new normal, the market demand power is weakened, the whole tricycle industry is in turmoil, and the pace of development has slowed down significantly. However, when the sales volume of most brands fell sharply, the third round of Dayang showed the momentum of contrarian breakthrough in 2015 through its vigorous layout in product R & D, marketing innovation and service improvement, and finally achieved a year-on-year increase of 28% in sales performance, which became a good story in the industry. How will Dayang meet the new leap in 2016? "Change, innovation, integration and win-win" is the answer.


  The general marketing idea of the third round of Dayang in 2016 is: brand freeze-frame, products catch customers, promotion grab share, service win the market, and the specific marketing methods are: personnel sink, channel sink, promotion sink, sink into the market and countryside. This is the DAYANG leadership's scientific and rational development plan based on the current market situation and constantly adjusting and changing. The marketing strategy is: the five big changes, the four innovations and the three integration are the new models that are out of the old theories and adapted to the situation. Their advanced nature, scientific nature and practicality are worth learning from the industry.


  Five "changes"——

First, the business model should change from the traditional business model of "waiting for a rabbit" to the new business model of "wolf running the world";


Second, the sales mode should be changed from the market opportunity sales mode of "looking at the sky and harvesting, Hunter type" to the deep marketing mode of "farmer type, deep cultivation and meticulous work";


Third, the management concept should change from the high profit profit model to the scale benefit profit model;


Fourth, the focus of business should be changed from taking provinces, prefectures, cities and counties as the "main battlefield" of competition to the two-level and three-level channels of towns, villages and markets to compete for the "main battlefield" of competition dominated by encroachment;


Fifth, the sales method should be changed from the single "sales price" marketing model to the marketing model of "sales value, brand and service"

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