Electric tricycle retrograde bus driver was hit and fractured when crossing the road

Electric tricycle retrograde bus driver was hit and fractured when crossing the road

  On site verification: at 8:50 a.m. on the 18th, Ms. Feng, the driver of bus No. 59, drove to the terminal station, Qiutao intersection of Caihe road. Get off and get ready to rest across the road. Cross the road from the south to the north of Caihe road. After a few steps, he was hit by an electric tricycle. Ms. Feng lost consciousness in an instant, and her colleagues rushed over. Ms. Feng was sent to Run Shaw Hospital.


  The reporter met Ms. Feng in the hospital. She said that when she crossed the road, she took a special look to the left. There was no car. Unexpectedly, the electric tricycle rushed backwards from east to west.


  It is understood that the accident car is an electric tricycle for express delivery nearby, and the courier has been taken away by the traffic police. After examination, Ms. Feng in the hospital found that her right arm was fractured and her right leg was slightly abraded.


  The reporter saw in the incident section of Caihe road that within ten minutes, three tricycles were retrograde, all express vehicles. One of the couriers said that retrograde is to save time. "If you have to wait for the traffic lights when crossing the road at the intersection, you can't cross the road first. You can retrograde one or two hundred meters directly here. There is a gap in the isolation railing, so you can cross the road directly without waiting for the traffic lights."

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