High-level strong promotion to grass-roots organic pull

High-level strong promotion to grass-roots organic pull

  Many of our tricycle enterprises inevitably have various structural levels from top to bottom in the process of scale development and growth. On the one hand, the management can not really feel the needs of customers, but has the most resources and decision-making power, which is easy to cause errors in judgment and decision-making; On the other hand, front-line employees are most aware of what customers want and need, but they do not have the resources and power to make immediate decisions.


When analyzing the enterprise, we attribute many problems to the poor execution of employees, but a very important reason is that employees have deviation or insufficient depth in understanding the ideas and Strategies of managers, and do not have enough resources and decision-making power to realize their ideas. Finally, they can only spend a lot of time on frequent repeated communication and coordination between superiors and subordinates. This not only sacrifices the customer's experience, but also has very little time to truly create results.


  Moreover, the senior management of many tricycle enterprises often stay at the financial leadership level, always analyzing the financial statements and data analysis, but they have no substantive feeling about the market demand and change trend. And more marketers just stay on the commission management, only care about the sales revenue and sales policy, only care about the Commission figure, and ignore the actual needs of customers.


  These are very dangerous for the long-term survival and development of enterprises. The key to organizational management lies in the equivalence of rights and responsibilities and the combination of employees and resources. If the manager only gives the responsibility to the employee, but does not grant him the corresponding power, it is very likely to cause the adverse situation of poor executive ability of the employee.

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