Solve the problem of tricycle right of way

  In the eyes of local governments at all levels, tricycles are the culprit of traffic accidents. Therefore, taking necessary mandatory and normative management measures is the key to the sustainable development of the industry. However, in recent years, the governance actions of tricycles have encountered disputes and public resistance to varying degrees. The key is that light and low-cost tricycles have long become the travel and even livelihood tools of a considerable number of ordinary citizens. The lack of general governance of social reality inevitably reminds people of the public attitude of government departments towards social "vulnerable groups". If we cannot show the greatest fairness and human temperature, governance itself is likely to form a relative deprivation of the "right to survival" of some groups. There are problems with tricycles, which really need to be standardized, but meeting the living needs of ordinary people can not only be a state of "opposition". Finding the best balance between the two is the responsibility that urban managers must fulfill, and can also test the governance level of leaders.


  Nevertheless, a large number of local government departments in China still have the idea of "lazy government" and implement the "one size fits all" policy, blocking the legitimate and reasonable demands of tricycles on the road.

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