National small electric vehicle test competition press conference

National small electric vehicle test competition press conference

  Recently, "2016 National Small electric vehicle test competition press conference" held in Jinan Nanjiao Hotel. Wei Xueqin, executive vice president and secretary General of Shandong Automobile Industry Association, Lin Yi, well-known expert of automobile industry and chief judge of the competition attended the conference. More than 70 people attended the meeting, including leading experts from shandong automobile industry, small electric vehicle access enterprises in Shandong province, principals of major member units of Shandong New energy vehicle Technology Innovation Alliance and journalists from news media.


  Lin Yi, general manager of China Auto (Beijing) Automotive Lightweight Technology Research Institute Co., LTD., said when answering reporters' questions that the positioning of the standard should meet the market demand, small electric vehicles are the product of the market demand, although the controversy continues, but sales are also constantly breaking out. The market needs strong support. The national standard of small electric vehicle needs to consider consumer demand. On the premise of not increasing the purchase cost, consumer use cost and certification difficulty, the industry technology and product safety specifications should be improved through the formulation of the standard.


  At the conference, Wei Xueqin, deputy director of the organizing committee, said in answer to questions from China Battery Network that at present, the general impression of small electric vehicles is low-end and low speed. Wei Xueqin said, small electric vehicles are low-end, there are some bad products in the market, the competition will be through the supply side reform, select good products, and guide consumption, so as to let consumers on small electric vehicles impression changed.


  For the state standard of small electric car industry buzz problem, recently circulating industry low-speed electric car industry national standards are being developed, is a necessary condition for the obtainment of lead-acid battery upgrade for lithium-ion batteries, xue-qin wei said that the current domestic small electric cars more than 98% with lead-acid batteries, the future must choose better battery performance, However, mandatory use of lithium batteries is not realistic at the present stage, the primary problem is that the capacity of lithium batteries can not keep up, so the application of lithium batteries to replace lead-acid batteries in small electric vehicles will have a long transition period.


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