Electric three and four wheel dealers will face a major blow

Electric three and four wheel dealers will face a major blow

 It is reported that from the end of August, the traffic management department of Suzhou will focus on the traffic within the urban area, and the closed three wheel and four-wheel electric vehicles will become the key targets.


  Electric tricycles have a very high utilization rate in Suzhou. They are mainly used by various merchants to carry goods in a short distance. There are often cases of vehicles with excessive width, height and overweight. In order to rush delivery, retrograde and red light running and other violations are also common. In addition, the electric three wheels defined as motor vehicles can not be licensed at all. With the increasing number of complaints from Suzhou citizens, they have naturally become the target of rectification by the local traffic management department.


  It is understood that the renovation of Suzhou traffic control will be almost "one size fits all": all electric three and four wheels that go on the road illegally in the urban area will be seized, the vehicle will be returned after 15 days of withholding, and the owner will be required to go to the store where the vehicle is purchased to go to the class to return the formalities or ensure that such vehicles will not be driven on the road.


  Compared with the renovation of other cities, Suzhou traffic control directly "points out the way out" for car owners and points the spearhead at electric tricycles and four-wheel car stores. If the car owners cannot resist the functional departments of the government, they will naturally turn around to find the dealers to bear the losses. At that time, the local dealers who can't make a lot of money by selling their cars will undoubtedly face extinction. A "tear and force war" between consumers and dealers, dealers and manufacturers will be staged soon.

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