Cabin tricycle of attack

Cabin tricycle of attack

  The industry continues to grow rapidly and the market capacity is further expanded. Since the official start of the three wheeled caravan market in 2015, after rapid rise and rapid development, the production and sales volume of the three wheeled caravan single category market has reached 3 million in 2016. Looking forward to the future, under the continuous promotion of multiple favorable policy factors such as the comprehensive liberalization of the national two-child policy, the further promotion of urbanization and communitization, the national support for new energy industry and environmental protection, the three wheeled caravan market will continue to maintain rapid growth and further expand the market capacity in 2017, which will be a promising year for manufacturers and dealers.


  Brand enterprises rise rapidly and lead the development of the industry. The three wheeled caravan is gradually entering the brand era. With the increasingly fierce market competition, a number of brand enterprises are rising rapidly. These enterprises have formed their own unique advantages in various dimensions such as technological innovation, channel layout, product capacity and brand building. They stand out from the competition and gradually lead the development of the industry. The brand pattern of the three wheeled caravan industry is beginning to take shape. In 2017, the market share of brand enterprises will be further expanded and their share will be further improved.

Cabin tricycle of attack

  Looking forward to 2017, the three wheeled caravan market is full of opportunities and challenges. For enterprises, only by doing a good job in products, services and operations can they realize the rise of brands; For dealers, only by choosing the right enterprise, choosing a good brand and improving themselves can they be in an invincible position

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