Diesel personality tricycle

Diesel personality tricycle

  In addition to its cool appearance, the tricycle is diesel powered, but its fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 2.8 liters, the fuel efficiency is greatly improved, and its market price is only $6800 (about 44000 yuan). On Thursday, the design of the car chassis was completed, which means the completion of the fourth and final stage of engineering design. The sample vehicle will enter the collision test stage.


  The design of the vehicle uses an asymmetric front suspension, the upper and lower control arms are not equal, and a coil overshock absorber concentric with the shock absorber is used. The final effect of the design is that the body height is reduced, but it presents a structure better adapted to aerodynamics. In addition, it also effectively reduces the weight of the car, which is lighter than the widely used MacPherson strut (the car suspension system widely used in today's vehicles). The rear suspension includes a cantilever and a coil spring damping system.

Diesel personality tricycle

  Once our E-Series locomotives are successfully built, our chassis team will test drive in person and find ways to improve the ride experience, so as to better build the car's character before entering the commercial mass production stage. When the reality test and destructive test are completed, our team will continue to carry out the research and development of chassis and suspension system to prepare for the update of new models next year. "


  It is reported that this three wheeled vehicle is expected to be priced at $6800, which is far lower than the average sales price of new vehicles of $33650. Therefore, this three wheeled vehicle will undoubtedly become a strong potential competitor in the hearts of consumers who pursue "high quality and low price".

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