Pedal solar hybrid tricycle

Pedal solar hybrid tricycle

  Inspired by the design and performance of ELF electric tricycle, a hybrid electric vehicle, evovelo, a Spanish start-up, recently launched a prototype of an electric tricycle called M, which can be driven by two hybrid electric vehicles: pedal and solar energy. This electric tricycle with a body weight of 85kg not only can carry two passengers including the driver, but also has enough space to carry a child safety seat and some additional goods. The electric tricycle is equipped with a DC motor. Customers in different countries can choose the motor in the range of 250 HP to 1500 HP according to their own national standards.


  In addition to the solar panel installed on the M roof to power the vehicle, the vehicle is also equipped with a 48V / 15ah lithium battery pack, which can be charged through the socket. When fully driven by the electric motor, m you can drive up to 50 kilometers (31 miles), of course, the driver can continue to press the pedal and move on. Using a 1500 horsepower motor, this electric tricycle can reach a top speed of 50 kilometers per hour. At the same time, the car body is equipped with lights, horns, rear-view mirrors, puncture resistant tires and 20 inch aluminum wheels. Customers can also choose drum brake and disc brake according to their own needs.

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