Chinas tricycle industry sets sail strongly

There is no future without capital


  The performance of China's tricycle industry in recent years can be described in four words. The fluctuation of oil-3 and the prosperity of electricity-3, the increasingly fierce market competition, the strong attack of brand enterprises and the more standardized industry order show that China's tricycle industry has consolidated the foundation and accumulated more capital. These forces will be the key for China's tricycle industry to break through the bottleneck and win higher glory in the future.


  There is no doubt that the production and sales volume is a direct manifestation of whether the capital of the tricycle industry is strong or not. In 2012, China's tricycle industry took another big step forward in the annual output and sales volume. Among them, the production and sales volume of tricycles in Yanshi industrial cluster accounted for one-third of the national market share in 2012, which is particularly prominent. One third of the world, Yanshi must rank first. We can see its core position and influence. In just a few years, the annual sales of Yanshi tricycles have completed an amazing "three-level jump" and jumped to a new height.


  In addition to sales, the active participation and large investment of tricycle enterprises such as Universiade, Dayang and Everest are also the advantages of Yanshi tricycle industry. The strong policy and rapid development of the enterprise have achieved good results and dominant position, which has given the sustainable development power of the industry with a low starting point, and the annual output value has been rising, forming a virtuous circle.

  Either left or right is possible


  Parting from the old past and facing the new journey, China's tricycle industry is full of ambition and confidence, and wants to seek more opportunities and make greater breakthroughs. Although the industry is optimistic about the overall trend of the tricycle industry this year, the market situation is unpredictable. Whether to suddenly stop going left or continue to expand going right in the future, China's tricycle is facing such a choice in the period of rapid development.


  Enterprises are very optimistic about the future development trend of the industry, and this confidence comes from the necessity of the existence of the industry and the inevitability of market development, from the actual needs of farmers and friends, and from the efforts and unremitting progress of a number of practitioners in the tricycle industry. As long as these positive factors exist, the development of China's tricycle industry is bound to be in a good situation.


  In China's tricycle Market in recent years, we have not only witnessed brilliance and achievements, but also seen fluctuations and undercurrent. These inadvertent changes have also added some suspense to the trend of China's tricycle industry in the future.

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