High quality 2022 new adults home farm gas powered power heavy duty algeria cargo vehicle tricycle

High quality 2022 new adults home farm gas powered power heavy duty algeria cargo vehicle tricycle

  Electrike has a minimum turning radius of 2.8m and a load capacity of 150kg. Between motorcycles with a maximum load capacity of 30kg and a displacement of less than 50cc and light vehicles with a maximum load capacity of 350kg. Electrike is classified as a light motorcycle with side bucket with displacement less than 250cc in Japan, and the light vehicle tax is 2400 yen per year (it will be raised to 3600 yen after April 2016). Due to the high frequency of getting on and off, there is no door. In addition to being used for goods receiving and dispatching business, it is also expected to be used as a passenger car on a small island with high gasoline prices and low electricity prices.


  The disadvantage of tricycle is that it may roll over. This is because the tricycle is easy to understeer due to the small front wheel load. At this time, many drivers are easy to turn the steering wheel excessively, resulting in rollover. As a solution, electrike Japan uses the design of driving left and right motors respectively to actively increase the external torque to a greater level than the internal torque when turning to help turn. To this end, the car is equipped with two motors and two inverters to drive the left and right rear wheels independently. It is also equipped with two speed reducers.


  Electrike has two models with different lithium-ion battery capacity. The vehicle with a capacity of 7.8kwh can travel about 60km at a time, and the vehicle with a capacity of 3.9kwh can travel about 30km at a time. By eliminating the air conditioning function, the power consumption is reduced. Electrike Japan reckons that the electricity charge per 1km can be controlled at 2 yen.


  In terms of charging time, the 7.8kwh model needs 5 hours when using 200V power supply and 10 hours when using 100V power supply. Like the Nissan EV "leaf", the lithium-ion battery adopts the battery unit of automotive energy supply (AESC). The vehicles disclosed in 2013 use battery units manufactured by Hong Kong sinopoly Battery Co., Ltd.

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