The first batch of new energy vehicle charging stations

  The first batch of charging stations were built to promote the application of new energy vehicles


  The new energy vehicle industry will focus on pure electric vehicles, take Chengdu as the guide and focus on many other cities, promote the application of new energy vehicles, take the lead in using new energy vehicles in official vehicles of Party and government organs and institutions, encourage social capital to participate in the construction and operation of charging and changing infrastructure, promote the operation of power exchange market, and support powerful and qualified enterprises to establish battery operation companies. "


  Recently, Sichuan energy investment Yibin Power Co., Ltd. heard that the new energy vehicle charging station in Yibin County is about to be built and is expected to be completed and put into use by the end of the year. At that time, all citizens can charge at the charging station. The construction of the first batch of new energy vehicle charging stations in Yibin will effectively promote the development of Yibin's new energy industry. It is reported that among the first batch of new energy vehicle charging stations in Yibin, Yibin County has the largest scale. Changning County charging station and Gaoxian County charging station will be built simultaneously, with a total investment of more than 90 million RMB.


  At present, the relevant units have not yet reached a final conclusion on whether and how to charge citizens after the completion of the charging station. It is reported that the new energy charging station previously built in Chengdu does not charge citizens, and the corresponding fees are all subsidized by the government. As for the charging situation of Yibin, Yuan Mingxing said that there may be no charge in the short term. If the charge will be charged according to the electricity price standard, the specific details will be determined in the next stage

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