Lithium battery, double 70 or 70% access threshold

Lithium battery, double 70 or 70% access threshold

  Whether from the national strategic level, or from the technical upgrading, economy and safety of products, it is very necessary and reasonable to upgrade lithium batteries. From the perspective of technological upgrading, lithium battery has the advantages of high specific energy, long service life and environmental protection. With the further development of battery industry, it is bound to replace lead-acid battery, which is the development trend of the industry; In terms of economy, from the perspective of the whole battery life cycle, lithium battery has a longer service life, and the average service cost is not much higher than that of lead-acid battery. The choice of lead-acid batteries is mainly influenced by the psychological factors of consumers in saving purchase costs; In terms of safety, the lithium battery is relatively lighter, safer in case of impact, and improves the safety of the product.

Lithium battery, double 70 or 70% access threshold

    In addition, due to the relatively high cost of lithium batteries, manufacturers may prefer to use low-cost lithium batteries in order to reduce costs. Miao Wenquan said that in order to prevent manufacturers from choosing low-cost batteries, it is necessary to set the use standards of lithium batteries. For the products that have been produced but not yet sold, Miao Wenquan said, "reasonably speaking, these products do not meet the standards, have no identity, and should be banned from sale. However, considering the actual situation, it is possible to give a certain period of transition."


   According to the requirements of "70" for the speed and mileage of low-speed electric vehicles, the first electric network sorted out the relevant data of the mainstream low-speed electric vehicles in the current market, and found that most models have been able to meet the mileage of more than 70km, while there is still some distance for the requirements of the maximum speed. From the perspective of consumption, on the premise of ensuring the safety and lightweight of the whole vehicle, the higher the mileage, the better. For the requirements of the maximum speed, the needs of different groups are still different. It is recommended to classify the maximum speed according to the actual needs of consumers rather than formulate one size fits all standards.

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