Cold thoughts on the price rise of tricycle industry

Cold thoughts on the price rise of tricycle industry

  In recent years, the state has strengthened the regulation of environmental protection and transportation, which has dealt a blow to the metal smelting industry and continuously raised the price of metal materials. The "13th five year plan proposal" issued by the State Council puts forward stricter requirements for environmental protection from the aspects of total amount control, coverage and strengthening monitoring. Following the release of the core environmental protection policies last year, local governments responded positively and strictly implemented them this year, issued various laws and regulations for management and supervision, and further strengthened the remediation of polluting industries. A large number of enterprises that do not conform to the norms are closed down and eliminated, while the remaining enterprises must invest heavily in the field of pollution prevention and control, which virtually increases the cost. Once the cost increases, these metal smelting enterprises must raise the price.


  From the perspective of vehicle enterprises, the overall increase in product prices is an inevitable trend. Although the operating costs have increased significantly, the market pattern may be reshuffled. Therefore, the price rise should not be regarded as a crisis, but business opportunities should be found. Enterprises should not only achieve stable development according to the original deployment, but also learn to find the right way, seize the opportunity, establish and strengthen their core competitiveness and occupy the commanding height.


  However, many businesses also believe that the profit space of the terminal market is gradually shrinking, and the price rise tide will once again have a great impact on the development of channels. It may take a long time to fully digest and comply with this trend. At the same time, the turbulent market will bring opportunities to many illegal enterprises fishing in troubled waters, or will greatly impact the normal order of the industry.

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