The first batch of "sine wave controller technology" electric tricycles appeared

The first batch of

  It is understood that "sine wave controller technology" is a new technology fully developed by Xuzhou Nanpu Electromechanical Technology Co., Ltd. and Xuzhou Keya electromechanical Co., Ltd. by replacing the "square wave controller" on the electric tricycle, the performance of the electric tricycle can be greatly improved, which can not only save 20% power, but also flexibly control the speed range according to the needs of users and respond more quickly, The utility model enables the operator to experience the stepless speed change like automobile driving, enhances the comfort, and can be stable and powerful even when climbing a slope, like walking on the ground. At the same time, the closed-loop control of sine wave can stabilize the output current and maintain the performance of the motor for a long time.


  The three companies said that the electric tricycle is mainly for rural areas and urban-rural fringe areas, and has become a small logistics vehicle for ordinary families in many cities and towns. The market potential is very large. At present, China's electric tricycle market is still in the initial rising stage, there is still a lot of development space in the next 3-5 years, and the market demand for products is becoming increasingly refined. If enterprises want to occupy an advantage in the competition, they must always maintain innovation, and how to improve the products is the goal they have been pursuing. The Da'an Ronaldo electric tricycle listed this time has introduced this new technology product, which is completely customized for users. While improving safety, they can improve users' comfort, so as to continuously pursue the maximization of users' interests.

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