Express delivery tricycle will be subject to national mandatory standards

Express delivery tricycle will be subject to national mandatory standards

Fan express car is conducive to promoting the development of express industry

  In recent years, China's express industry has developed rapidly and played a positive role in reducing circulation costs, supporting e-commerce, serving production and life, and expanding employment channels. In 2015, the business revenue and business volume of China's express industry reached 276 billion yuan and 20.6 billion pieces respectively, with a year-on-year increase of 35% and 48%, and the average daily service users reached 110 million person times. The draft said that in such a leapfrog development, the lack of unified and standardized means of transportation in the end service link of express and the poor passage of express vehicles have also become the bottleneck restricting the development of express.


  The opinion draft formulated this time makes it clear that the use of electric tricycles is an important basic condition for express operation, which is in line with China's national conditions and the development of express industry.


  The formulation of national standards for express tricycles is an important measure to solve the problem of "the last mile" of express delivery. It is important to promote the standardized and efficient use of electric tricycles in the express industry and effectively improve the service quality and level.

Express delivery tricycle will be subject to national mandatory standards

  The draft said that the express electric tricycle started late and developed rapidly, with inconsistent technical performance, unstable safety performance and imperfect management system, which brought serious hidden dangers to production and operation and road traffic safety.


  Due to the low level, non mandatory and weak authority of relevant industry standards issued in the past, it is difficult to provide strong support for strengthening and improving the management of Express electric tricycles.


  This time, the formulation of national mandatory standards, the improvement of the level and authority of the standards, and the scientific setting of the technical bottom line and technical threshold of express tricycles in terms of safety are conducive to give full play to the basic and binding role of the standards, and provide an important technical basis for improving relevant systems and regulations, improving vehicle production quality, improving vehicle management and ensuring traffic operation safety.

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