Promote supply-side reform

  The theme of this forum is "Releasing new Demand and creating new supply". We will seize the trend of transformation and upgrading in the new normal period, vigorously promote the supply-side reform process of China's tricycle industry, and form a scientific, healthy and stable sustainable development model of the industry. Yanshi is an important force in China's tricycle industry, an important engine for the growth of industry production and sales, as well as an important promoter of the future development of the whole Chinese tricycle. We must strengthen our confidence and work together to overcome difficulties and embrace a bright future. Here, I would like to share with you my views on supply-side reform.


  First, we must firmly pursue the primary goal of development. Development is the absolute truth, is the key to solve all the problems of the current Chinese tricycle industry. The next five years will be an important stage for industrial transformation and upgrading, with a marked increase in problems and risks. Development is like rowing upstream; not to advance is to drop back. We must unwaveringly promote the scientific development of China's tricycle industry, properly respond to the challenges, and make this great ship with ardent hopes break waves and sail far.


Second, vigorously promote supply-side reform. At present, the problem of total output and sales in developing countries coexists with structural problems, and structural problems are more prominent. We need to promote structural adjustment through reform. In moderately expand aggregate demand at the same time, to concentrate on the supply side structural reforms, both do subtraction, and add, reduce invalid and low-end supply, expand and effective in high-end supply, increase supply good products and good service, make the supply and demand coordination to promote economic development, improve the total factor productivity, productivity continuously the liberation and development of the industry.


  Third, we will accelerate the replacement of old growth drivers with new ones. In transforming and upgrading industries, old drivers of growth will inevitably be replaced by new ones. When traditional drivers of growth decline from strength to strength, new ones need to emerge and traditional ones need to be transformed to form new "twin engines". Only in this way can China's economy achieve sustained growth and leap to a new level. At present, the development of Chinese tricycle industry is in such a critical period, so we must cultivate and strengthen new driving force and speed up the digging of new blue ocean. We need to accelerate the growth of new technologies, industries and forms of business, promote the development of a sharing economy through institutional innovation, build sharing platforms, and expand emerging industrial clusters such as electric tricycles and low-speed four-wheelers to create powerful new engines. We will use information networks and other modern technologies to transform production, management and marketing models, reshape industrial, supply and value chains, transform and upgrade traditional drivers of growth, and inject new vitality into them.


  Fourth, we need to deepen the integration of tectonic plates. China's tricycle industry development and revitalization, no one can be left behind. In yanshi, for example, makes the planning, production integration, synergy to follow up the new pattern of regional development, must strengthen the foreign exchange, study the domestic other successful industrial cluster mode, combining the reality of their own development, the core ideas, ways of transformation, and the future direction of optimized constantly improve, to be on the supply side in the reform tide, To form a stronger core competitiveness of the industry. This is different from the previous plate development, will become the mainstream trend of China's tricycle industry in the future.

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