Road congestion, people and vehicles competing for the road

Road congestion, people and vehicles competing for the road

  From a distance, you can see a row of tricycles parked on the motorway to the west of the gate. The reporter found that the road is a one-way three lane road, and the outermost lane is occupied by some private vehicles parked on the curb. These tricycles park their vehicles in the middle lane, resulting in only one lane left on the original three lane road. In order to pass, passing motor vehicles and non motor vehicles are crowded on the only lane.


  At the scene, the reporter saw that when the owners of these tricycles saw pedestrians passing by, they would take the initiative to ask. After the citizens got on the bus, they drove away quickly, and the tricycles in the back would come forward to fill the seats in turn. After on-site observation, the reporter found that these tricycles have been maintained at the scale of five or six. “


  In the middle of the motorway, tricycles occupy the road waiting for soliciting passengers, so there is only one motorway to pass. During the rush hour of every day, pedestrians, non motor vehicles and motor vehicles rush to pass on this road. It is really difficult to pass. The mixed traffic of various vehicles and pedestrians is also full of dangers, and there are great potential safety hazards

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