Expert status of electric three wheel controller

Expert status of electric three wheel controller

  Electric tricycles are mainly oriented to rural areas and urban-rural fringe areas. They have become small logistics vehicles for ordinary families in many cities and towns. The market potential is very large. At present, China's electric tricycle market is still in the initial rising stage, there is still a lot of development space in the next 3-5 years, and the market demand for products is becoming increasingly refined. If an enterprise wants to occupy an advantage in the competition, it must always maintain innovation, and how to improve its products is the goal it has been pursuing.


  Although sine wave controller has been widely used in electric two wheeled vehicles, few enterprises use sine wave controller in electric tricycle industry. Daan electric tricycle has introduced the new technical product of "Keya sine +" and is completely customized for users. While improving safety, it improves users' comfort, so as to continuously pursue the maximization of users' interests.

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