Those who illegally operate tricycles don't bother

Those who illegally operate tricycles don't bother

  Recently, the masses reported that the illegal operation of electric tricycles near scenic stations and hospitals in Kaifeng has increased, which has attracted the great attention of the municipal traffic police detachment During the operation, all units of the detachment dispatched special personnel to form a joint law enforcement team, formulated specific plans in combination with the actual situation of their respective jurisdictions, and strengthened the investigation and punishment of illegal operation of electric tricycles.


  At the same time, all units, in accordance with the unified deployment of the detachment, adopt the combination of plain clothes and police uniforms, and the combination of open observation and unannounced visits to strengthen the investigation and punishment of the vulnerable points and areas of tricycle illegal operation in their respective jurisdictions, as well as the scenic spots, stations and hospitals reflected by the masses.


  During the operation, once the illegal operation of tricycles is verified, the police will collect evidence and register the illegal operation of tricycles. The punishment shall be handed over to the traffic management department for further treatment in accordance with the relevant provisions.

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