The national standard of electric tricycle for express delivery will be formulated

The national standard of electric tricycle for express delivery will be formulated


  On October 26, the State Council issued several opinions on promoting the development of express industry (hereinafter referred to as "opinions"). According to the opinions, in 2020, China will basically realize express delivery with outlets in villages and towns and through villages and villages, with an annual business volume of 50 billion pieces and an annual business income of 800 billion yuan. In addition, the opinion also made it clear that it would study and introduce national standards for express special electric tricycles and regulations on production, use and management.


  The introduction of relevant national standards in the future will further clarify the legal status of electric tricycles. The rapid development of China's express industry and the acceleration of urbanization are bound to promote the explosive growth of the electric tricycle market. According to the industry report released by ipso in September 2015, China sold 11.3 million electric tricycles in 2014, a year-on-year increase of 29%. It is estimated that by 2020, the annual sales volume of electric tricycles in China is expected to exceed 20 million, the ownership is close to 100 million, and the demand for power batteries is about 50 billion yuan.

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