Parts Exhibition Fair

Parts Exhibition Fair

  The 2015 (Autumn) national electric vehicle, tricycle, new energy vehicle and parts exhibition and Trade Fair adheres to the service concept of "customer-oriented and seek common development" and takes "innovation, development and win-win" as the theme for exhibitors to compete on the same stage, display high-quality products, display image, expand business and stabilize the market. At the same time, through the exhibition, it aims to strengthen the exchange and communication between industry and commerce; Dialogue and support between government and industry; The study and help between colleagues and friends will deepen friendship, accelerate development, make common progress and create a better future, so as to open a broader career space for the majority of exhibitors.


  The fair focused on the overall level and development trend of China's tricycle and electric vehicle industry, and provided an ideal platform for enterprise image establishment, product promotion, international investment and procurement, exchange and cooperation. It has contributed to promoting China's tricycle and electric vehicle industry to fully participate in international competition and cooperation, improving the overall level and international competitiveness of China's tricycle and electric vehicle industry, and accelerating the transformation of tricycle and electric vehicle industry from a large country to a powerful country. It plays an important role in enhancing the independent innovation ability of China's tricycle and electric vehicle enterprises, improving international competitiveness, changing the development mode of foreign trade, promoting trade balance and strengthening the protection of intellectual property rights.

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