On the road of personalized development of tricycle

  The history of the domestic tricycle industry is only more than 20 years in general cognition, but this is only for the main tricycle products in the current tricycle market. As the ancestor representative of tricycle, the side tricycle, which is often called the messenger, has a very long history of development.

  At present, the three wheel industry is in a difficult and confused period of transformation and upgrading, while the development of side three wheel products is in full swing with the improvement of living standards. The personalized characteristics make some motorcycle friends who are keen on long-distance motorcycle travel and have original love for steel machinery more and more optimistic about the charm and development prospect of satchel. At the same time, with the awakening of messenger culture and the gradual expansion of market share, it also brings a new direction for the transformation of tricycle industry.


Side three wheeled motorcycle, because the motorcycle follows a sidecar, so people are used to calling it "sidecar". In fact, the concept of "satchel" was first put forward by the French. In 1893, a French soldier named m bertoux came up with a way to increase the loading capacity of bicycles, which was called "bicycle sidecar".The modern sidecar motorcycle was invented by Hugo young, an inventor in Ohio. He designed a new triangular side car structure in 1913. Different from the previous rigid connection, the new side car structure adopts movable connection, which greatly improves the steering performance and stability. Hugo Young's invention has also become the prototype of modern sidecar motorcycles.


During World War II, the German army was equipped with tens of thousands of military motorcycles, of which sidecar motorcycles accounted for 60%. At that time, the main manufacturers that developed and produced motorcycles for the German army were BMW, zundapp, NSU and DKW. The motorcycles they developed and produced represented the most advanced motorcycle technology of that era, and also provided the most basic combat tools for the cruel expansion plan of the German army.Throughout history, BMW motorcycle has been at the forefront of motorcycle design. For fans who love retro refitting, a BMW motorcycle full of historical charm is undoubtedly their favorite refitting object. Only BMW motorcycle can coexist classic and personality.


The world's first BMW motorcycle R32 was born in 1923 and has become the prototype of horizontal opposed two cylinder engine of BMW motorcycle in the future. R32's design concept has become a classic of motorcycle design, which is vividly called "Boxer" by knights. It arranges two cylinders horizontally, perpendicular to the forward direction, and uses natural air for cooling; Its gearbox and engine adopt integral design, and the longitudinally arranged crankshaft directly outputs power; Moreover, it abandons the traditional chain drive and adopts the shaft transmission design. These three design features have been used until now.


In 1961, BMW upgraded the horizontal opposed two cylinder engine of 600ml displacement r 60 model and added the second series. Some models of BMW r 60 / 2 use telescopic forks. This design has continued until 1969. This BMW motorcycle has also become one of the most Collectible classic models after the war.BMW r 60 / 2 is a very classic model in the long history of BMW motorcycle. In the eyes of refitted car fans, refitting gives this old car new vitality and continues a new personality in the classic of R 60 / 2. This is the charm of refitting BMW motorcycles. As Coco Chanel said, "fashion is perishable, but style lasts forever".


The Urals of the former Soviet Union can be described as a brand rising in the war, but it gradually withdrew from the locomotive stage due to its inconvenience in urban roads and high fuel consumption. Sidecar is a kind of single wheel equipment, which is usually attached to one side of motorcycle or bicycle. The motorcycle with sidecar is commonly known as "sidecar", also known as "sidecar motorcycle", "sidecar motorcycle" or "side tricycle".


Nowadays, "ural", as a pure Russian motorcycle brand and the only consumer automotive technology product exported from Russia to the United States, has recently set off a rush buying boom in the United States. It is said that even Brad and Pitt have bought a ural motorcycle. Although there are many reasons for its popularity, the brand has not changed significantly since the 1950s and 1960s. Perhaps it is this special retro temperament that has attracted many customers.

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