Destroy thousands of tricycles

Destroy thousands of tricycles

  Recently, in Shenzhen Futian Mangrove parking lot, the seventh batch of vehicles handed over to the municipal finance for destruction in 2017 were destroyed. The Police Supervision Brigade of Shenzhen traffic police supervised on site. A total of 2538 vehicles were destroyed this time, including 66 two wheeled motorcycles, 1083 electric bicycles, 9 three wheeled motorcycles, 1293 three wheeled electric bicycles, 87 bicycles and 2077 electric bicycle batteries.


 I can't help asking what's going on. The government has issued regulations to regulate three and four wheels on the road, which is conducive to traffic order management, but it can be solved in a reasonable way. On the license plate, the same violation fines as motor vehicles. Starting from sales, license plate, registration and fines, why should they be destroyed in a centralized manner?


  The production of three rounds is nothing more than convenient for people's life and travel. If we manage from the source of production, what kind of three rounds can be produced on the road? How to get the license plate after purchase and what kind of management should be observed before driving on the road? This, I think, is what everyone is most concerned about.

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