Fully support the tricycle new energy vehicle industry to become bigger and stronger

Fully support the tricycle new energy vehicle industry to become bigger and stronger

  If you choose the right direction, you won't be confused; If you go the right way, you can go wider and wider. The theme of this forum is at the right time: Thinking differentiation, innovation normalization, market globalization and industrial intelligence -- looking at the future development of China's tricycle new energy vehicle industry from the "four modernizations". I hope that through the wonderful speeches of the industry elites, we can debate the cutting-edge thinking, explore the industry direction, jointly plan the top-level design of the industry, and write a new chapter in the development of the industry in the new era.


  In the turning period of the industry from sales growth to stock growth, our enterprises must strengthen their development confidence, adjust development ideas, improve development mode, carry out technological innovation, change marketing strategies, expand market share, and win a place in the new development cycle through practical reform measures. First, we should grasp the product trend and pay attention to differentiated development. At present, the product competition in China's tricycle market is multidimensional competition. Only the popular products with both appearance, function, quality, reputation and sales volume can stand out in the homogeneous Red Sea. To achieve these, differentiation must be the core direction that can not be ignored in the trend of product innovation.

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