Brain drain of electric tricycle

  Looking at the development history of electric tricycle enterprises, it is not difficult to find that they are basically at the beginning of this century. One or two courageous people rely on extraordinary wisdom and vision to aim at business opportunities and pull the banner. All relatives and friends unite as one and give full help. After years of hard work, the company has contributed to the continuous growth of the company. Especially in the early stage of development, the enterprise has grown rapidly in terms of scale and profit.


  However, it is also difficult to deal with the internal interests of the enterprise, just as it is difficult to deal with the interests of ordinary relatives and friends under the internal management of the enterprise.


  Even if some enterprise leaders set their wise eyes on the future development and reform the enterprise from a strategic perspective, such as hiring professional managers to adjust the enterprise organization and integrate internal and external resources, for the time being, whether they can truly realize "decentralization" or not, even if they have a noble status like CEO, it is difficult for them to fully integrate into the core circle in family enterprises, Because "doing well" and "doing average" are easy to fall into the abyss of criticism because of "high success" and "mediocrity" respectively. If they can't enjoy the equity, their mentality and position will always be in the position of workers. It's difficult to pay 100% to the enterprise. Naturally, the enterprise can't get the maximum return, and then the relationship between supply and demand and the enterprise will not last long.

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