Let the development of low-speed electric vehicles not be low-speed

  The emergence of low-speed electric vehicles has filled a part of the blank of low-cost new energy vehicle market, but as a large agricultural development country, this low-cost market is the largest. As a rising star in the electric vehicle industry, the sales volume of low-speed electric vehicles and the rapid market development have stunned the traditional new energy vehicle enterprises. However, low-speed electric vehicles have always been regarded as informal forces by some new energy vehicle enterprises.


  During the 13th Five Year Plan period, new energy vehicles have become a national strategic industry, and electric vehicles have been put on the development agenda. As an industry with a huge market, low-speed electric vehicles have officially stepped on the stage of electric vehicle development. The Ministry of industry and information technology once said that small electric vehicles should be combined with congestion relief, implement classified management, adopt the method of "upgrading, standardizing and eliminating one batch", guide industrial transformation and upgrading, and standardize the orderly development of the industry.


  In recent years, the rapid development of low-speed electric vehicles seems to make the industry see the situation that the three electric industries just started a few years ago. It seems that the start and development of any industry will experience a similar situation: from the birth of the industry, to the development, to the low-cost fight in the market, to the blowout influx and growth of enterprises, and then enter a cycle. Low quality and market homogeneity brought by low price can not be a good medium. Many low-speed electric vehicle enterprises start with two or three wheels and are familiar with such a market development cycle. Nowadays, the momentum of low-speed electric vehicles is fierce, and no one wants to make it a victim of homogenization. Major enterprises are also seeking changes in development, trying to prevent low-speed electric vehicles from entering the dead cycle of low-price competition, so that low-speed development is no longer "low-speed".


  As we all know, low-speed electric vehicles have the characteristics of "low speed", light quality, small products and low price. However, low-speed electric vehicle products can be more exquisite, safe and intelligent. Therefore, brand and quality have become the focus of most low-speed electric vehicle enterprises. Of course, in terms of the appearance and quality of products in the current market, the products of low-speed electric vehicles are constantly updated and strive for excellence. With the gradual standardization of low-speed electric vehicles, the products are gradually approaching the automobile enterprises in terms of configuration and appearance. However, there are still a small number of voices opposing the development of low-speed electric vehicles. Safety, power battery and standardization have become iron thorns on the development of low-speed electric vehicles.

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