Shandong micro electric vehicles continued to rise

Shandong micro electric vehicles continued to rise

  In 2015, Shandong micro electric vehicle market continued to maintain rapid growth. The annual output reached 347000, far higher than the national output of 142800 pure electric passenger vehicles in the same period. As the largest low-speed micro electric vehicle market in China, Shandong maintained rapid growth for four consecutive years from 2012 to 2015, with year-on-year growth rates of 196.4%, 45.8%, 54.4% and 85.6% respectively. From March to June 2015, Shandong Automobile Industry Association conducted a comprehensive survey on small electric vehicle manufacturers in Shandong Province. The survey results showed that by the end of 2014, there were 69 small electric vehicle manufacturers in the province, with a total investment of more than 11.628 billion yuan and a total production capacity of 1.7 million vehicles. From January to August 2015, the monthly output of low-speed electric vehicles in Shandong Province remained between 20000 and 25000, and increased rapidly for four consecutive months from September. The output exceeded 30000 for the first time in October, and reached a record high in December, reaching 52000.


  From the annual cumulative sales, the output of the top five micro electric vehicle enterprises reached 257800, accounting for 79.5% of the total output of Shandong, an increase of 12 percentage points compared with 67.5% in 2010, indicating that the output is further concentrated in leading enterprises, reflecting the trend of industry upgrading.


  In terms of products, through the "year of innovation and upgrading" activities, enterprises have changed from early product imitation and modification to independent research and development and design. A number of new products have been put into the market one after another. At the same time, the product quality and technical level have been significantly improved. At present, the share of small electric vehicles using lithium power batteries, AC asynchronous and permanent magnet synchronous motors in the province is increasing year by year, which has become a new development trend under the background of strengthening environmental protection.


  In this case, a number of backbone enterprises have emerged in Shandong Province, all of which have positive R & D and four major process and product upgrading enterprises, which has played a good leading and exemplary role in the development of small electric vehicles in Shandong.

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