Morgan motor released a three wheel electric sports car

Morgan motor released a three wheel electric sports car

  The Geneva auto show has opened again. All kinds of luxury cars integrated with the concept of electric are undoubtedly the focus of the media in this Geneva auto show. If you're tired of Tesla and Nissan LEAF, there's nothing new in their appearance, but only electric vehicles with distinctive drive systems, you might as well take a look at the ev3 three wheel electric sports car of Morgan Motor Company in the UK.


  Ev3's oil powered version 3wheeler was first released in 2011. The retro aluminum bullet body, tubular chassis and V-shaped double cylinder engine with exposed cylinder make it a very controversial sports car, but the industry generally believes that the design of this car reflects the unique taste of the British people.


  At the Geneva auto show, Morgan released the electric version of 3wheeler - ev3 The 62bhp motor replaces the 80bhp V-type twin cylinder engine and can only accelerate 0-62 mph in 9 seconds, with a maximum speed of 90 mph. The electric version of the 3wheeler is far inferior to the oil version in terms of acceleration and maximum speed. However, because some body shells are made of lightweight carbon fiber, the net weight of the electric version of the vehicle is reduced from 525kg to less than 500kg. The ev3 has a range of 150 miles, about 241 kilometers

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