Create a functional tricycle No.1

Create a functional tricycle No.1

  Facing the increasingly competitive terminal market, in order to obtain more living space, major enterprises continue to promote the market and innovate product technology, and pay more attention to the differentiated needs of enterprise products to consumers. "In 2016, the three electric products will move towards the direction of category refinement, variety personalization and quality functionalization", Han Shuiwang, director of product planning of Zhengmin, said at the meeting, "Zhengmin will build the industry position of" the first car of three functional wheels "based on quality".


  The reporter learned at the Tianjin exhibition that Zhengmin brought its latest commercial electric tricycle independently developed and patented by enterprises at the exhibition hall. In addition to its bright appearance, exquisite Decal technology and ultra-high price advantage, this electric tricycle has the industry record of the largest and heaviest electric tricycle in load-bearing. According to the reporter's on-site observation, the left and right baffles of this Zhengmin commercial tricycle can be tiled, and more goods can be placed compared with traditional models. The on-site staff told reporters that 66 boxes of fruits can be placed in the cargo box of the vehicle, which will not affect the normal driving and driving experience of the vehicle. In meeting the needs of subdivided consumer groups and building the industry position of functional tricycle first, the release of Zhengmin commercial vehicle has brought shock to the whole industry.

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