Technical requirements for special electric tricycle for express delivery

Technical requirements for special electric tricycle for express delivery

Compelling reasons

  Speed limit the maximum speed is one of the core contents of this standard. Article 58 of the road traffic safety law of the people's Republic of China stipulates that "when disabled motorized wheelchairs and electric bicycles drive in non motorized lanes, the maximum speed shall not exceed 15 kilometers per hour". At present, express tricycles are mainly driven in non motorized lanes, but there are bicycles, electric two wheeled vehicles, rickshaws and other vehicles on non motorized lanes. If the speed is too fast, it is not only easy to pose a safety threat to other vehicles, but also easy to bring potential safety hazards to the safety of express recipients and express safety. Therefore, it is very necessary to make mandatory provisions on the maximum speed. Secondly, the standard will also specify the performance indicators such as vehicle braking distance and turning radius related to personal safety.


  At present, it is common for drivers to take two or more people on express tricycles, which has a serious adverse impact on drivers' safe operation and industry image. In order to standardize the behavior of express delivery personnel, ensure driving safety and establish a good public image, the standard will put forward the mandatory clause of "only one driver is allowed in express tricycle".


  Box identification is a main content of mandatory provisions in the standard. In addition to the corporate logo that fully displays the corporate image, the car body shall also be equipped with an industry unified logo to reflect the industry-specific attributes of express tricycles, so as to distinguish them from other vehicles and facilitate the management and supervision of industry departments.

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