China's tricycle industry will experience "L" growth

China's tricycle industry will experience

  China's tricycle industry will experience "L" growth, which is a major conceptual change made by most people on the medium and long-term development trend of the industry, and sends an important signal, indicating that the enterprise will exchange solid structural transformation for long-term stable performance, and take advantage of the opportunity of supply side reform to successfully complete the goal of transformation and upgrading. In other words, for a long time to come, tricycle enterprises should be prepared to live a "hard life". How long this time will depend not only on the trend of the national macroeconomic situation, but also on the progress of the pace of structural transformation and upgrading of the industry.


  In fact, the "supply side reform" policy recently issued by the central government will bring some inspiration to China's tricycle industry. Different from the planned economy in which the government decides what enterprises produce, the "supply side reform" clarifies the boundary between the government and the market, eliminates the unreasonable place of the "visible hand", and turns to the enterprise owner to decide what to produce, so that enterprises can give full play to their independent initiative. For enterprises, it is easy to say but difficult to do to give up the fluke and careless style of doing things in the past and really learn to study market demand. However, once normality is formed, it will play an extremely key guiding role in their own development.

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