To further support the new energy vehicle industry, we should promote five measures

To further support the new energy vehicle industry, we should promote five measures

  The meeting pointed out that the development of new energy vehicles, promoting the industry to move towards medium and high-end, is conducive to protecting and improving the environment, and is an important starting point for cultivating new kinetic energy and an important content of developing the new economy. In the past two years, under the guidance of national policies and the efforts of all parties, China's new energy vehicles have achieved remarkable results in R & D, promotion and technical level, and the production and sales have increased rapidly. Next, we should adhere to market orientation and innovation drive, rely on mass entrepreneurship and innovation, strive to overcome core technologies, break bottlenecks and accelerate the development of new energy vehicles.


  First, accelerate the revolutionary breakthrough of power battery. Promote large, medium and small enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes to establish a collaborative, open and shared power battery innovation platform, and focus on the research and development of common and basic technologies such as key materials and battery systems. The central government adopts the method of replacing subsidies with awards to reward enterprises according to the performance, sales and other indicators of power batteries. Increase support for complete sets of equipment for digital manufacturing of power batteries.


  Second, accelerate the construction of charging infrastructure. Clarify the responsibilities and rights of local governments, owners, developers, property and power grid enterprises, and promote the implementation of the requirements for the construction of charging facilities in residential areas, party and government organs, enterprises and institutions, airport scenic spots and other social parking lots. Make use of the investment in the central budget and the special financial bonds of distribution network to support the construction of charging facilities in various regions, encourage local governments to establish incentive and subsidy policies based on the charging capacity, and reduce the charging service fees.


  Third, expand the application proportion of new energy vehicles in urban public transport, taxi, sanitation, logistics and other fields. The proportion of new energy vehicles purchased by central state organs, government departments and public institutions in cities where new energy vehicles are promoted and applied in the total number of vehicles equipped and updated in that year should be increased to more than 50%.

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