Full speed cold chain electric tricycle solves the problem of "the last kilometer"

Full speed cold chain electric tricycle solves the problem of


  After the one-way logistics of fresh food distribution from the origin to the dealer gradually shifted to the mode of entrusting a third-party logistics company for distribution, many express logistics companies have developed cold chain logistics. However, due to the immature technology, it often causes a lot of losses on the way, increases the high cost and limits the business development of logistics enterprises.


  In order to occupy the fresh logistics market, logistics enterprises have launched the slogan of "whole process cold chain" and started to solve the problems in cold chain logistics. From "the first kilometer" to midway transportation and storage, they have gradually overcome many problems by borrowing new technology and improving management. However, on the issue of "the last kilometer", it is still the pain point of major logistics enterprises.


  The "last kilometer" in cold chain logistics is actually the final end of the transportation chain of cold transportation to stores or consumers. Through resource integration, give full play to the advantages of information platform, cold storage and cold transportation and distribution, and use refrigerated trucks to carry out point-to-point and point-to-multipoint transportation process for all outlets or individual consumers.


  When the goods are transported to a large station, how can they be mobile and effective through the process of diversion, so as to save the transportation cost and effectively carry out point-to-point docking? The electric tricycle is the vehicle chosen by the market, but the refrigeration and preservation effect of refrigerated electric tricycles on the market is generally poor. Therefore, the technical transformation of the current refrigerated tricycle has become the key to winning the "last kilometer".

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