Tricycle industry with Chinese characteristics

Tricycle industry with Chinese characteristics

  China is a large agricultural country. Since the 1980s, China has realized the transition from a planned economy to a market economy, achieved unprecedented improvement in its comprehensive national strength and people's basic living standards, solved the problem of food and clothing in most areas, and made great progress in economy, health, education, insurance and employment. However, for a country with one fifth of the world's population, The imbalance of social and economic development is still a significant social phenomenon. In the process of paying more attention to the prosperity of urban population, the economic improvement of farmers with a population of more than 600 million and urban low-income families is still arduous. The issue of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers" is an urgent problem for China to move towards a moderately developed country. In a small way, it is related to the prosperity of thousands of farmers. In a large way, it affects the pace of the whole country towards a well-off society. This issue can even be raised to a major strategic height of world civilization and progress.


  In ancient China, we know that cattle represented by "cattle" are important means of production for agricultural production. It is also a symbol of prosperous agricultural society, developed rural market trade and rich farmers' families for thousands of years. In the history of agricultural economy and society, the most influential market town trade is the livestock market. If you pay a little attention to many ancient cities, you will hear the former sites of Mashi street. The high prosperity of cattle and horse livestock market in those years can still be imagined today. Now, when it fades out of people's memory, the tricycle market is quietly integrating into the vast rural areas of villages and towns, supporting the blue sky of convenient agricultural transportation tools. Tricycles have become a representative means of production in many farmers' families. How to recognize the historical significance and practical role of tricycle products and how to face the booming tricycle industry is indeed an important issue affecting the country's overall move towards a prosperous society. Tricycles, as consumer goods with farmers as the main body, are being used to help people carry out frequent activities such as daily life, field transportation, market trade, and even a new model for herdsmen to move grazing and transfer goods in pastoral areas. Our study of the historical characteristics and Chinese characteristics of the tricycle industry has far-reaching national value orientation and fresh practical social significance.

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