Special electric tricycle for express industry

Special electric tricycle for express industry

  According to statistics in the industry, when express companies complete the distribution task of "the last kilometer", more than 90% choose electric tricycles. Electric tricycle has the advantages of large load capacity, high distribution efficiency and better cargo safety than electric bicycle. Only according to the fuel consumption cost, if you drive a car for distribution, the average daily driving distance is 100 kilometers and the fuel consumption is 10 liters, which is equivalent to 80 yuan of fuel cost, and the total fuel cost per month is 2400 yuan. This does not include car insurance and various maintenance costs, as well as the wages of drivers and couriers. The electric tricycle has a certain carrying function, which is nearly 90% cheaper than the electric four-wheel vehicle, and can be driven without a driver's license. In addition to the purchase and handling costs of about 3500 yuan, the maintenance and repair costs are very low, and there is no need for fuel consumption and other miscellaneous expenses. The overall advantage is obvious. Therefore, the electric tricycle has the highest utilization rate in the express industry.


  The State Post Office reviewed and approved the industry standard of technical requirements for express special electric tricycle, which regulates the technical requirements of Express electric tricycle from the aspects of size limit, loading quality, maximum speed, braking distance and mechanical performance. Although the "technical requirements for express special electric tricycle" has been officially implemented since September 1 last year, there is no clear specification for many aspects of the electric tricycle, and it does not explain how to deal with the electric tricycle that does not meet the standard, resulting in chaotic management and non-compliance in many areas.


  According to the research of the first Logistics Research Institute, the electric tricycles used by most express companies have serious safety problems, which makes them unable to be licensed normally. Most of the express electric tricycles are purchased by individuals, resulting in different brands of selected vehicles. In addition, they are often detained by traffic police, so couriers usually do not buy products with high prices produced by regular manufacturers. Due to the lack of production license, the manufacturer of miscellaneous electric tricycles cannot be recognized by the Ministry of industry and information technology and cannot apply for entry into the product catalogue. Naturally, the courier cannot submit an application to the traffic control department of the public security organ for vehicle license and driving on the road. For a time, the three wheeled electric motorcycle used by the express company has become a "disaster area" that affects the appearance of the city and disrupts the traffic order. Especially after the traffic accident, it is difficult to identify the responsibility and there is no insurance, which leads to the difficulty of claim. So after the request is implemented,


  The operation of electric tricycles in the express industry has not improved, and the control of electric tricycles in the express industry has not been relaxed due to the implementation of industrial standards. As a result, many express industry staff who use electric tricycles often "detour" in order to avoid the prohibited sections, which increases the delivery time, but increases the operation pressure of the express industry.

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