New energy, new technology and new transportation

New energy, new technology and new transportation

  From October 17 to 19, the 33rd China Jiangsu International bicycle, electric vehicle and parts fair with the theme of "new energy, new technology and new transportation" was grandly held in Nanjing National Expo Center. More than 600 complete vehicle enterprises of electric bicycles, electric tricycles and low-speed four-wheel vehicles from home and abroad gathered together with supporting enterprises such as batteries, motors and plastic parts.


  As the "closing Exhibition" of this year, Nanjing exhibition has outstanding absolute advantages in terms of organizational scale, enterprise strength and industry influence. Such an exchange event gathering top resources of China's electric vehicle industry is an annual grand carnival. At the same time, when China's economy has fully entered the "new normal" period and the electric vehicle industry is facing the severe situation of decline in production and sales, Enterprises place more energy and hope on this important show related to survival and development. Driven by many factors, this year's Nanjing exhibition stands at the crossroads of industry development and presents us with a wonderful Feast different from the past. In just three days, the brilliant performance of tricycle enterprises makes us full of more expectations for the future.


 At the opening ceremony, mazhongchao, on behalf of China Bicycle Association, extended warm congratulations on the opening of the 33rd Nanjing electric vehicle exhibition. He said that after years of development, Nanjing electric vehicle exhibition has become one of the three major exhibitions in the industry, which provides a strong driving force for the continuous progress of China's electric vehicle industry and deserves its important position. President Lu Jinlong also praised the Nanjing exhibition and believed that the Nanjing exhibition provided an important platform for major enterprises to exchange technology, expand channels and promote brands, which is undoubtedly an important opportunity for enterprises, businesses and consumers. Especially in the context of the current complex and changeable industry situation, such communication opportunities are more precious.

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