Dayang four wheel low speed electric vehicle

Dayang four wheel low speed electric vehicle

  Although low-speed four-wheel vehicles have been soaring and advancing rapidly in recent years, and major enterprises are confident that the government will eventually liberalize the control of this product, the hard injury of low-speed four-wheel vehicles is still very obvious. The elderly, as the main consumers, are unable to obtain relevant driving licenses due to their physical quality, poor driving technology and lack of understanding of traffic regulations, which are very prone to traffic accidents. In addition, the design of low-speed four-wheel vehicles generally has the problems of small front wheel turning degree and prone to side slip accidents; As well as its low visibility, it is difficult for drivers to observe the surrounding traffic conditions in a narrow and relatively closed space, which brings serious sequelae to travel safety; In addition, the extreme aversion of car drivers to low-speed four-wheel vehicles is a constraint to the continued progress of the low-speed four-wheel vehicle industry.


  Since this potential risk is so great, the government will not rashly liberalize the development of this new thing, and it is difficult to have a steady stream of policy subsidies. In the process of continued decline of major manufacturing industries, the low-speed four-wheel vehicle industry will also face multiple crises.


  Low speed four-wheel vehicles are approaching the automotive industry in terms of product configuration, appearance modeling, including advertising. In that case, can manufacturing enterprises spend some time on the safety performance transformation of low-speed four-wheel vehicles. In the past, we advocated the needs of appearance, power technology, comfort, endurance and so on, which should fall back to the second tier compared with safety.


  Focus on overcoming risk factors. First of all, we can conquer the children and relatives of consumers. Consumers themselves do not need to conquer. They are old and ambitious. The reporter found in the market research that the main reason why most elderly people give up buying low-speed cars is that their families disagree; Improving safety performance can change the current attitude of the government to a certain extent and promote the liberalization and support of the industry.


  Based on this understanding, can low-speed four-wheel vehicles learn from some R & D concepts of driverless vehicles and independently develop a product that can strongly intervene in the driving process of the elderly, such as the application of intelligence, the distance between the front and rear vehicles, the road condition reminder, and the reminder to drivers and other passers-by when passing the traffic lights.

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