Let the express electric tricycle have more "right of way"

Let the express electric tricycle have more

  In the streets and alleys of cities, electric tricycles for express delivery can often be seen shuttling. However, these vehicles often have no legal identity - according to statistics, at present, tricycles are prohibited in more than 70 cities across the country. "Electric tricycles are the most suitable and convenient means of transportation in the last kilometer, which is suitable for China's national conditions". At the biweekly consultation forum of the National Committee of the Chinese people's Political Consultative Conference held on January 21, Liu qiangdong, founder of Jingdong group, who has a self built logistics network, called for legislation to give more "right of way" to electric tricycles to solve the long-standing problem of the express industry.


  At the meeting, Liu qiangdong said that in Guangdong, in order to avoid the tricycle being detained by the traffic police, Jingdong's couriers ride the old-fashioned "28" bicycle to deliver the express, which greatly reduces the efficiency. "A courier has to return to the express station more than ten times a day to pick up the parts. If an electric tricycle is used, it is enough to return twice. The increased labor intensity of the couriers is not conducive to their driving safety".


  Reasonable but illegal, some unlicensed "streaking" express electric tricycles are in the fuzzy area of supervision in the city, "some are loose and some are strict". Liu qiangdong said. According to his understanding, there are about 5000 Express electric tricycles in Beijing, delivering about 500000 packages a day, which can reduce residents' traffic trips by about 1 million times. In his view, this energy conservation and emission reduction is of great value and reduces the transportation cost of enterprises. He suggested that government departments further regulate the use of Express electric tricycles, issue national standards as soon as possible, and local governments open the right of way of new energy freight vehicles to support industrial policies.

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