New wireless charging technology for electric tricycle and electric four-wheel vehicle in 2015

New wireless charging technology for electric tricycle and electric four-wheel vehicle in 2015

  In recent years, with the continuous deterioration of urban environment, new energy vehicles represented by electric vehicles have attracted more and more attention. However, the commercial development of electric vehicles is not smooth. Feng Haizhou believes that this is mainly because the previous charging problem has not been well solved. The mileage that electric vehicles can travel on a single charge is limited. Due to the large investment and low charging efficiency of traditional charging stations, it is difficult to carry out large-scale construction, which makes electric vehicles suffer from "mileage anxiety". Wireless charging has the advantages of convenience, rapidity, safety, full-automatic unattended and adapting to harsh environment. It can greatly reduce the construction and management cost of charging facilities and improve convenience. The popularization of wireless charging technology can accelerate the popularization of electric vehicles in China.


  ZTE has been working in the field of wireless charging for many years. Through industry university research cooperation, ZTE started product development in 2013 and launched mature products and solutions in September 2014. Feng Haizhou said that ZTE's wireless charging scheme has realized the transformation from "metal medium contact conduction" to "electromagnetic induction non-contact wireless transmission", with simple charging process, high reliability and low maintenance cost; The charging facilities are buried underground, with low requirements for the construction site, and are not afraid of flooding, snow, mud, sand and dust.

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