Charging time limit of electric tricycle and electric four-wheel vehicle

Charging time limit of electric tricycle and electric four-wheel vehicle

  Under normal circumstances, the electric vehicle battery will be fully charged after charging for 4 hours, but many citizens will charge it for a long time. "If the charging time of electric tricycle and electric four-wheel vehicle is too long, the battery temperature will be too high. It can't be seen from the outside, but the inside of the battery is easy to burn or explode. Therefore, the charging time of electric vehicle can't exceed 10 hours at most."


  When purchasing electric mopeds, consumers should pay attention to selecting electric vehicles with production license, high market popularity and well-known brands, and check whether the electric vehicles have undervoltage, overcurrent protection and short-circuit protection functions.


  As a battery car user, when purchasing a battery car, you must see the product manual and operate according to the manual, and also choose the battery matching with the model and specification of electric vehicle, charger and motor.


  In the place of centralized storage, electric tricycles, electric four-wheel vehicles and bicycles shall be stored separately, and anti-corrosion facilities and equipment shall be configured according to the regulations. Electric vehicles shall not be stored in the lobby, walkway and staircase on the first floor of the building. Simple automatic sprinkler system, fire doors and fire-fighting equipment shall be installed in the rooms of self built houses and centralized storage of electric vehicles in urban villages.


  The vehicle shall be charged outdoors as far as possible, or the battery shall be removed for separate charging. The charging line shall be properly selected, the line laying shall be fixed and installed, and short circuit and leakage protection devices shall be installed. The vehicle shall not be charged for too long, and shall be charged according to the provisions of the manual. In principle, the charging time shall not exceed 10 hours.

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