How to build a strong brand of Chinese tricycle

How to build a strong brand of Chinese tricycle

  Zhang Hongyan gave a speech on the revolution of brand marketing in the 21st century at Peking University, Hohai University and cutting-edge lectures, which was broadcast in hundreds of TV media. In 2009, Zhang Hongyan gave a speech on the same stage with Ai Feng, the "father of Chinese brands", at Guangzhou South China University of technology, discussing South China. The large-scale documentary literature "Legend of business war", "Legend of peak", "wheel war", which reveals the little-known behind the scenes stories of the peak brand "Bosideng" created by Chinese Marketing Master Zhang Hongyan, has been published on, RongShuXia, Sohu, Chinanet, Tianya literature, starting point literature, 17k, fantasy, Nanfang bookstore, century, Chinese original literature, zhulang More than a dozen large-scale reading and literature websites, such as MSN reading, are popular online.


  At the 20th century planning conference held in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in 2002, Buhe, former vice chairman of the National People's Congress, awarded him the certificate of "China's top ten planning experts". In 2004, it won the title of "the most influential planning expert in China in the past decade". In 2005, he won the "outstanding achievement award of China business planning". In 2009, he became the main drafting expert of the national standard for brand and corporate culture. Zhang Hongyan has successively served as the planning director of China's poverty alleviation by the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council. At the same time, he is the director expert of the planning expert committee of China productivity society, the director expert of the marketing planning expert committee of China Enterprise Culture Promotion Association, and the executive editor of China's leading brands published by Guangming Daily.

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