Don't forget your original intention and forge ahead

Don't forget your original intention and forge ahead

  China's tricycle industry has entered the new normal mainly for two reasons: first, the weak global economic growth has led to the loss of export support for China's economy characterized by export orientation, which has led to the gradual decline of the domestic economy and seriously affected the tricycle industry; Second, the demographic dividend is rapidly disappearing, and there is a matching error at both ends of market supply and demand. Therefore, the key words for the development of tricycle industry are de capacity and transformation and upgrading.


  So, has the domestic market been impossible, or has the domestic market space been fully exploited? This is not the case. In fact, as long as enterprises can straighten out the market and deeply tap the market potential, China's tricycle industry is completely possible to achieve long-term and high-speed growth again.


  We can see that under the increasingly severe development situation of the industry environment, leading enterprises such as Zongshen and Jinpeng can still play a strong driving role, constantly expand and seek the direction and methods of transformation and upgrading; When the market demand was saturated and it was difficult to break through the growth bottleneck, the emergence of caravan detonated the whole industry and became a brilliant star product in the past year; Under the adverse conditions of high-pressure situation and forced management and control of government functional departments, enterprises make their voices and express their views through scientific and formal channels... These developments and progress are the changes that China's tricycle industry hopes to see and needs to make. At the same time, they also deeply remind us: don't forget your original intention and forge ahead.

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