Cross border dilemma of electric vehicle enterprises

Cross border dilemma of electric vehicle enterprises

  In 2013, the total output of domestic electric vehicles reached 36.95 million, with a year-on-year increase of 5.4%. Among them, enterprises above Designated Size completed a total output of 25.287 million, but the total sales volume fell to 28.5 million, down 5 percentage points compared with 2012. Although the overall development situation is relatively stable, many electric vehicle enterprises were surprised by the rare sales decline in the industry in recent years. There are many reasons for the decline in sales. The key is that the electric vehicle market is becoming saturated and the contribution of mainstream channels is decreasing year by year, resulting in insufficient endogenous growth power and falling into stagflation. In 2013, the number of electric vehicles in China was close to 160 million. Although the huge consumer group gave birth to a rich market cake, the accompanying competitive pressure plagued enterprises all the time. How to maintain a stable and rising development momentum is a problem in the minds of every boss. After the adverse signs in the core market, this concern deepened, looking for the next emerging industry to transition or even replace the current industry, It has become a consensus reached by many electric vehicle enterprises to continue to promote the normal development of enterprises. Stick to two or turn to three? Continue deep cultivation or transformation and innovation? The two choices in front of enterprises show two different directions, which is related to the future development of the industry. This time, electric vehicle enterprises are unwilling to be lonely and choose to take the initiative.


  Cross border is a bold attempt and an adventure with unpredictable results. The key point lies in the excellence of its own comprehensive strength and the clear understanding and mature grasp of opportunities. In this regard, electric vehicle enterprises have obvious advantages. As the leader of the domestic electric vehicle market, after years of development, Emma, Yadi, Lvyuan and other enterprises have reached a certain height in their market share and the number of consumer groups. At the same time, they have relatively perfect channel coverage and popular brand influence. Their congenital conditions have reached perfection. To some extent, the platform technology of electric bicycle and electric tricycle has some interoperability, which can be fully used for reference Absorb some existing operation experience of the enterprise and successfully complete the transition.


  The electric tricycle production bases of Yadi, Emma and other enterprises have been put into use one after another. Lvyuan, tailing and bidewen have officially established the electric tricycle business department to sound the horn of March. It can be said that the preparation process of electric vehicle enterprises from thinking change to project establishment and implementation is very short, so that they can leave enough time for market layout and fierce competition. From the performance at the initial stage of entering the market, this step of transformation seems to be clean and smooth. Therefore, electric vehicle enterprises see the great potential of electric tricycle industry, which is no longer limited to one-sided sales growth, but determined to take root, Tap more deep-seated markets and promote enterprises to achieve leapfrog development.

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