Maintenance Skills of Battery for Tricycle

Maintenance Skills of Battery for Tricycle

The daily use and maintenance of batteries mainly include the following points:


Do not press the button for more than 5 seconds each time you start. If you cannot start several times in a row, check the fuel supply system, starting and ignition systems. The following conditions will cause the battery to be over-discharged or under-charged, and shorten the service life of the battery: frequent start, short driving distance; long-term low-speed driving; hold the brake handle or step on the brake pedal during driving to keep the brake light on; Install additional electrical accessories or switch to high-power bulbs. When it is difficult to start, the light is dim, and the horn is not loud, the electricity should be replenished immediately. Check the liquid level every 1-3 months. If the liquid level is lower than the lowest liquid level line (LOWER LEVEL), add distilled water to the high liquid level line. After adding water, it is best to supplement electricity. Except for maintenance-free batteries. When the three-wheeled motorcycle is not in use for a long time, please replenish the electricity before stopping use, remove it for storage and replenish the electricity once a month.


Maintenance Skills of Battery for Tricycle

Safety precautions:


When the battery is used and charged, explosive gas will be generated. It is strictly prohibited to approach open flames or high temperatures. The positive and negative short circuits and the loose positive and negative terminals should also be avoided. The electrolyte contains strong acid to avoid splashing on the skin, eyes and clothes. Once in contact, wash immediately with plenty of clean water. If you take it by mistake, you should drink a lot of water or milk immediately and send it to the hospital for treatment. The installation of additional electrical accessories such as anti-theft devices has a certain impact on the battery. It is suggested to use the anti-theft alarm recommended by Haojue and other anti-theft alarms, which may cause the circuit system to work abnormally and even damage the storage battery, igniter, voltage stabilizing rectifier and other related electrical components.

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