Low speed vehicle enterprises rush to apply for production qualification

Low speed vehicle enterprises rush to apply for production qualification

  In the "purpose and significance" column of the technical conditions for four-wheel low-speed electric passenger vehicles, the definition of constant speed vehicle and some problems existing in the current low-speed electric vehicle are clearly stated, which is undoubtedly what will be corrected in the formulation process of the standard:

  Low speed electric vehicles refer to electric passenger vehicles with low driving speed, short driving range and low technical level of key components such as batteries and motors. Due to the characteristics of miniaturization, simple configuration and low price, low-speed electric vehicles meet the transportation needs of some people, especially low-income groups. They have developed rapidly in some small and medium-sized cities and gradually spread to large cities. According to statistics, at present, there are more than 100 low-speed electric vehicle manufacturers in China, with a production capacity of more than 1 million vehicles. The industrial scale has continued to grow rapidly in recent years. However, there are some prominent problems in low-speed electric vehicles: first, most of the production enterprises are small and medium-sized enterprises without automobile production qualification, lack the necessary facilities and conditions for automobile R & D and production, and most products do not meet the relevant national standards, have not been verified by necessary experiments, and have poor safety performance. Second, most drivers have not obtained a motor vehicle driver's license, poor safety awareness and many illegal acts. After driving on the road, they cause serious potential safety hazards to themselves and other vehicles. Third, the lead-acid battery used has great environmental pollution in the process of recycling and smelting, which is easy to cause lead pollution and endanger human health. Fourth, most places lack management systems and measures for the production and use of low-speed electric vehicles, and the management measures for use and scrapping issued in some places do not comply with relevant laws and regulations. In order to ensure driving safety, guide the regular production of enterprises and strengthen management, this standard needs to be formulated.

  Two of the four problems involve production enterprises, that is, the poor safety performance caused by substandard production technology and the pollution of lead-acid batteries; One concerns consumers, i.e. driving documents; One is for local governments, that is, the management methods are outdated. From the perspective of the two requirements for enterprises, the new standard for low-speed electric vehicles must meet the rigid requirements of design and production process and production scale. Small workshop enterprises will be blacklisted, and the pollution of lead-acid batteries needs to be arranged as a whole. After all, after switching the power of low-speed vehicles to lithium batteries, the price advantage of low-speed vehicles close to the people will no longer exist, and the industry will also be fatally injured.

  Nowadays, low-speed electric vehicles are neither included in the legal means of transportation nor in the announcement of vehicle manufacturers and products issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology. The introduction of the new standard will undoubtedly usher in the dawn of "becoming a regular" for low-speed electric vehicles that have been plagued by unidentified problems; At the same time, low-speed electric vehicles will also face stringent "access" new standards. If low-speed car enterprises have formed a scale, they urgently need rapid transformation, improve hardware conditions and increase the anti risk ability of policies!

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