The era of electric tricycle under the Internet plus era

Internet plus operability of electric tricycle industry

  At present, most of the target markets of electric tricycles in China have sunk to the secondary markets such as villages and towns and rural areas. With the continuous development of the national economy, the consumption concept of the rural market is also slowly changing, and the market competition mode of electric tricycles is gradually changing from the original low price competition to the current quality and brand competition. This kind of consumption consciousness has been nearly mature, and the acceptance of various sales modes has also been relatively improved.


  With the increase of economic income, many young and middle-aged people in rural areas have chosen to stay behind and no longer go out to work, so they choose to start their own businesses or choose jobs nearby, which has greatly expanded the target audience of electric tricycles. By the end of 2014, China's rural Internet users accounted for 30.6% of the total number of Internet users in China, of which primary school and below accounted for 10.9%. It can be concluded from the data that rural middle-aged groups are becoming the backbone of new Internet users. Among rural Internet users, 77% are under the age of 30, and more than half of rural Internet users are under the age of 20. On average, they spend more than 3 hours online every day. The overlapping of network and market is the first batch of customers who are the target market of electric tricycle "Internet plus".


 Innovate the transaction mode and expand the transaction scope

  I believe many people will pay attention to one problem, that is, the profit margin of dealers when the development of Internet transactions in the industry is relatively mature. In fact, the development of the Internet plus mode will not replace the dealer's position. There are two reasons: first, Internet plus is an online operation mode, which requires offline personnel to perform. The terminal audience of the Internet will be relatively scattered, and the dealers of various outlets are connected between them. Second, the use of the "Internet plus" form of transactions can omit the steps of many dealers' pre paving sites, which greatly saves the labor cost of outlets. In terms of publicity channels, the original plane publicity and mobile publicity have also expanded a more convenient and fast network publicity.


  As we all know, the audience of the network is mostly middle-aged groups, which are very sensitive in information acceptance. Take Jinpeng, an electric tricycle manufacturer, as an example. They are both electric tricycle brands. In addition to ordinary print media publicity, their publicity mode has expanded the multi-directional publicity mode of network media and TV media in form, greatly improving the publicity scope of the brand and the consumption concept of the audience. The Internet is fresh and novel for the consumer groups in the rural market, and it also has a great sense of the times. Trading on the Internet will not only make this part of the group fresh, but also meet the psychology of this part of the audience in pursuit of fashion. Once the problem of service linkage offline is solved, it is not difficult to buy electric tricycle products online.

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