Tricycle positioning for China

Tricycle positioning for China

  In 2015, China's economic development fully entered the new normal period, the economic growth slowed down and the downward pressure increased. Affected by this, the performance of China's vehicle manufacturing industry has been relatively sluggish recently. Whether it was the automobile industry that was once at its peak or the so-called "declining West Mountain" motorcycle industry, there was a market decline at the end of the 12th Five Year Plan. As a successful leader by relying on products around 2010, After experiencing the blowout stage of rapid development, the tricycle industry is also facing great pressure. Under the complex background, the topic of the new positioning of China's tricycle industry has been mentioned by many people.


  As we all know, China is a large-scale producer, consumer and exporter of tricycles in the world. Its technical level, total production and sales volume and consumption capacity have leading advantages in the world. In the past ten years, relying on the combination of the product positioning of the means of production and the actual demand of the rural market, tricycles have broken through a differentiated development path. Taking this opportunity, tricycles have continuously expanded the strength of the industry and achieved unprecedented success. Now, the development of the tricycle industry has encountered a bottleneck, the production and sales have shown a double decline trend, and the enterprises are facing the requirements of transformation and upgrading. What is the future development path? Is it necessary to re-examine and position the industry? Facing the increasingly fierce competitive market, what should enterprises do?


  At this node, we need to make a pulse for the future of China's tricycle industry.Marxism believes that the development process of things is generally divided into five stages: initiation, rise, prosperity, decline and extinction. What measures will be taken to deal with different contradictions in different stages will determine the future development trend of things. At this point, the tricycle industry urgently needs to straighten out its position


  China's tricycle industry is a sunrise industry with good starting foundation, high enterprise participation, high consumption enthusiasm and great potential in the future

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