Engine technology

Engine technology

  After years of rapid development, Dayang engine has steadily reached the peak of the industry in terms of output and quality. Yubian took the lead in breaking through 40 million units, creating an immortal monument in the history of motorcycle power development. As for the quality, through the OEMs, dealers and consumers' favor of Longxin brand, the advantages and disadvantages are self-evident.


  However, even with such impressive performance and industry status, Dayang is not complacent and complacent. Instead, with a more open mind, it has joined hands with the world's top tricycle brands, combined with its own strong technical R & D strength, carefully built a durable tricycle engine, and promoted the gradual transformation and upgrading of the tricycle industry.

Engine technology

   Knowing that product differentiation and excellent quality are the basis for cooperation with OEMs and channels, and are also the necessary conditions for Dayang to achieve the goals of "endorsing consumers and highlighting product power" and "global professional supplier of large displacement engines". Advanced R & D and manufacturing facilities, excellent scientific research and testing personnel and scientific management are the solid cornerstone of Dayang's leading strategy and a strong guarantee for the improvement of Dayang's product quality.


   Aiming at the needs of large displacement of tricycles, the convenience of operation of three wheeled full shed and semi shed vehicles, as well as the development needs of dual power platform, Dayang has carried out a new technical upgrading of special power for tricycles. Combined with some leading technologies in cooperation with BMW, Dayang has successively launched various tricycles and automobile engines, so as to provide strong support for building the first brand of special engine for three wheels in China. Pay attention to process control and produce stable high-quality products

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